UV Disinfection for Potable Water



UV Disinfection for Potable Water

Hallett Potable delivers the highest level of reliability and protection for public and private drinking water systems. Certified lead-free wetted parts and equipped with our core Crossfire Technology and premium product features, choose Hallett Potable for flow up to 1 MGD, 35-95% UVT, NSF certified and EPA validated models available.

• Self-cleaning system prevents quartz fouling

• Reliable high performance in low UVT conditions

• Safe, easy lamp changes

• Smart sensors for real-time monitoring

• 360 degrees to overcome shadowing and deliver a  sterilizing UV dose to harmful pathogens.

• Color touchscreen interface

• Improved dual UV sensor array design with quad-sensor models available

• Better temperature management with built-in purge valve and available lamp heaters

• Optional 4-20 mA output with MODBUS connectivity

• Remote start capability

• Two dry contacts for warning and alarm signals

• Better message history that stores the last 99 messages with timestamp

• Optional data logging through USB port

• Built-in surge protection


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